About Me

Born and raised in the Bay Area, this is where I have based my business!

I am an easy going, outdoorsy gal who is always up for a challenge!  On your wedding day, I want you to reminisce in your love, while also bringing joy to your day!


I truly care about getting to know my clients on a personal level, what makes you two you!

Photography combines two things that I love, making other people smile, and capturing great pictures!


Five Fun Facts About Me:

1.  I am absolutely love movie theater buttered popcorn...the more butter the better!

2.  I have a yellow labrador named Cali, and she is my baby girl!  She goes everywhere with me!  (except photoshoots ;)

3.  While I am tech savy, I have to have a paper monthly planner!  I am very organized and love color coding activities and events!

4.  I am very active and love the outdoors!  When I am not shooting photos, you can find me hiking, dirt biking, mountain biking, or boating!

5.  I love weddings!  When I was growing up, if someone asked me what my favorite movie was, I always told them “My parents wedding video”.  I watched their wedding on repeat and was always flipping through their album!

Based out of the East Bay: Walnut Creek, Northern California, & Beyond!

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