Alameda Family Session ⎮ Brooke & Anna

Waves rolling up on the beach, seagulls flying overhead. A "warm" day in March, and all these two girls wanted to do was go to the beach! We packed our layers, our swimsuits, and cute hair bows of course, and set off to the beach, hoping for some warm California weather once the fog lifted.

Fog or sun, these two were ready to run, dig, and swim! From the minute we hit the beach Brooke and Anna were off. We started the day with pictures, and ended the day with In-N-Out. With the wind blowing we were able to fly mermaid kites in the sky that soared and twisted and dove above us! Sand castles and burying ourselves in the sand was a must! Both girls wanted to be buried as mermaids in the sand. After many buckets of sand, we were successful! After rolling down the hill onto the beach, many times, and an impromptu dance party, this day was filled with smiles and laughter from start to finish!

Brooke and Anna, you two are so much fun to spend time with. The two of you are filled with so much energy and love for one another. You two truly are lucky to have one another as a sister! Anna, I love the way that you take care of Brooke. When she doesn't understand something, you find a way to show her or help her through it. Brooke, I love how you love your sister! She is your big sis and she will always be there for you! Keep loving one another <3

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