Baker Beach Anniversary Session ⎮ Kalpana & Nate

Updated: May 21, 2019

Waves crashing against the beach. Clouds looming overhead. Not what you would imagine for a typical beach day! Kalpana and Nate didn’t let the weather stop us from having a great time celebrating their three year wedding anniversary! These two have a tradition, where every year since they have been married, they love taking professional pictures to remember the wonderful year they have spent together, and also look forward to the many more years ahead! I love their tradition, and I think I will definitely be stealing their idea once I get married!

Kalpana and Nate have been together for seven years, and married for three of them! The two lovebirds met at a prayer in Hayward, and even though Nate was living up in Sacramento at the time, they were determine to make it work! While Nate was finishing up school at Sacramento State, and Kalpana was living in the Bay, they were committed to a long distance relationship. After 2 1/2 years of living at least an hour away from one another, Nate graduated from Sacramento State, and moved to the Bay with Kalpana!

While in Union City, both Kalpana and Nate were working in property management. At first Nate was in management, while Kalpana worked at the front desk. It was a fun experience working the same field, but Nate was soon looking for something new, and he joined another company! Nate joined Elite, where he is contracted out through Salesforce. He’s now been there for about a year, and he is still enjoying it! Kalpana is still in property management, but she has moved up in the ranks! She is now in management and is loving her job!

With three years of marriage came a new member to their family…Mocha! Kalpana and Nate just recently got an adorable puppy! They were deciding between two names, but in the end, Mocha won! Good thing they both love coffee :)

Kalpana and Nate, I absolutely loved out time together! You two were great sports, walking far down the beach in the deep sand….but wow it was worth it! You were up for any location I suggested, and I love how I could feel the love between the two of you! It definitely shows through your pictures how much you care for one another! I wish Mocha could have made it, but I am looking forward to meeting her one day!!

Happy Anniversary Kalpana and Nate!

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