Baker Beach Anniversary Session ⎮ Stephanie & Tim

Waves crashing against the rocks. Wind whipping through our hair. The Golden Gate Bridge towering in the background. It had been one of the first sunny and beautiful days that we had had in San Francisco in a while. The beach was covered in sunbathers and city goers trying to escape the hustle and bustle. As the sun went down, the wind picked up, and made for a chilly evening in the tide!

Stephanie and Tim have a very athletic relationship, that all started way before Stephanie and Tim had ever met! Tim knew Stephanie's sister, and family, but coincidentally had never met Stephanie until softball pulled their lives together. After college, Stephanie was headed to Europe to play softball for a professional team. She had a month or so to prepare so she went to a facility nearby. Tim worked at that facility and became her hitting and catching partner. Stephanie had her eyes on the prize, her future in softball, but she also had her eye on something, or someone, else! Before she left for Europe she told Tim that she wanted to stay together and push through the long distance! Time was ecstatic and willing to do anything he could to continue their relationship. As time passed and Stephanie returned back to the US, both Stephanie and Tim were able to plan to head back to Europe to play on a professional softball and baseball team..this time together! Stephanie and Tim were living the dream! These two got to travel around Europe with one another, while "working" doing something they both loved, play sports!

Stephanie and Tim, from start to finish, I loved every second of our time together. You two looked amazing in front of the camera, and despite the freezing cold wind and water, you were troopers! I am beyond excited to share these memories with you, and let me just say, you two knocked it out of the park with the dip and lift and kiss! Love you two tons and I am really excited to see where our new friendship takes us! <3


White and Pink Floral Romper: a Boutique in Hunting Beach, CA

Polka Dot Dress: a Boutique in North France

Red Hat: a Boutique in London

Yellow Dress: a Boutique in Austin, TX

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