Baker Beach Surprise Proposal ⎮ Lizeth & Sam

I can't make this up.

This story gets better the further down you read.

I arrived at my scheduled session at Baker Beach a little early. I decided to get out and walk around and enjoy the San Francisco coast. As I was walking around, I started offering to take pictures for people (I know I'm such a photographer). As I offered to take this couples picture, Lizeth whipped out an ultrasound! Lizeth and Sam were taking their pregnancy announcement picture! I of course jumped into photographer mode and did a quick mini photoshoot on their iPhone, said congratulations, and walked away. I captured a quick pic of them looking at the pictures I had taken, as I walked away.

I walked away and went to sit and enjoy the view of the crashing waves until my actual clients showed up for the evening. While I was sitting in the sand, Sam came back over, with Lizeth standing off in the distance, and asked if I would mind taking one more picture of the two of them! I of course instantly said "Yes! Of course!" and he quickly and quietly replied, "I'm about to propose and she has no idea!". I did everything I could to not show the excitement on my face. I told Sam I would love to take their picture, but I was going to use my real camera!

Before we could come up with a plan or a code word so I knew Sam was going to drop down on one knee, I reached down for my camera, looked up through the eye piece in my camera, and Sam was already down on one knee!! My finger did not come off the shutter release, click, click, click, click, rapid fire! It was just point, shoot, and go!

Sam had just gotten down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend. She didn't know, he didn't hire me, it was just a case of the right place at the right time! This is one reason I love my job! I got to capture two of the most memorable moments for Lizeth and Sam, a birth announcement, and a proposal!

Lizeth and Sam had driven down from Sacramento for the day. Their plan was to go shopping at the mall, and then Sam insisted they go to Baker Beach. Lizeth had packed their ultrasound picture just in case they came across a pretty place to take their announcement picture! Lizeth had no idea that Sam was planning to propose!

At Baker Beach, Lizeth had noticed that Sam had been acting differently, but she didn't catch on until right before the proposal, and even then, she was still surprised! She only caught on because right before Sam asked me to take another picture of the two of them, he had been sniffling and fighting to hold back tears. If that isn't true love, then I don't know what is!

After being brought together by mutual friends, and having been together for almost two years, Lizeth and Sam are super excited for the road ahead! They are both hoping for a boy, but as long as they have a healthy baby, they can't wait! Lizeth is currently a dental assistant and she is excited to go back to school to become a hygienist! Sam is also planning on transferring to Sac State to finish off his BA. This year is proving to be filled with big goals and big life changes, but they are all exciting changes, and Lizeth and Sam are looking forward to the future!


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