Bay Area Engagement Session, Lafayette ⎮ Jane and Will

How They Met

Two girls out for a fun night at a bar, a mechanical bull, and two guys looking to meet new girls...the perfect recipe for a good night! Will and his friend saw Jane and her friend from across the room. Will's friend said he was going to talk to one girl, and Will should go talk to the other. Will being a gentleman, walked over to Jane and asked if he could buy her a drink. Jane, being Jane, turned him down, but offered to buy him a bull ride! Will playing along, and having no idea what he was doing, agreed to ride the bull! One hand flying through the air and the other hanging on tight, Will did everything he could to look legit and hang on to the bull as long as possible. Meanwhile, Jane was pretty proud of herself for getting some stranger to ride the bull!

Seeing how Will so easily agreed to ride the bull, Jane was just as interested in him, as he was in her. Jane and Will continued to enjoy the evening together, and when the end of the night came, Will decided to invite Jane his parent's house. When they got back, Will ran upstairs to tell his parents he was home and to try to avoid the news that he had brought a girl home. Jane didn't care and followed Will straight up the stairs and made her presence known. As soon as Jane was insight of Will's parents she instantly stuck her hand out and exclaimed "Hi! I'm Jane!"

The Proposal

Will and Jane were ready to take the next steps in their relationship, but Will wanted to surprise Jane when he popped the question! He knew that if he were to make some elaborate plan, that Jane would surely figure it out. So instead of drawing up a master plan, his plan was in fact to make no plan at all!

Jane didn't know that Will had purchased the ring, and Will was really excited about his pick! Jane is very close with her grandma, who is also named Jane, and after getting the approval of Grandma Jane, Will knew he had made the perfect choice! The ladies in Jane's life approved so much, that both her mother and grandma wanted to get the same design for themselves!

Jane and Will had a trip planned to go to Tahoe with some friends. Will brought the ring knowing that this would be the time and place to pop the question. Jane had a feeling that a proposal was coming, but she didn't expect it that weekend when they were on a trip with all of their friends! The day came when Will decided it would be the perfect time to set up the proposal. Jane was hanging around the airbnb and the boys were watching football. She made it very clear that she was bored, and grabbed her friend and headed to the store. Jane had no idea that by getting herself out of the house, that she had set up the perfect moment for Will and his friend to scurry around and set something up.

With Jane out of the house, the boys forgot about the football game and set to work! They created a pathway around the side of the house with pinecones and white rose petals. Will also had Sunflowers and pictures to add along the path to share some of their favorite moments together, as well as including Jane's favorite flowers!

When Jane returned from the store, she instantly knew what was going on. Should she take her purse? Was she ready? The moment was here and after deciding to leave her purse in the car, she still brought it with her out of last minute nerves and excitement! At the end of the path, it was finally time, Will dropped down on one knee and proposed to Jane!

Jane and Will, I am so thankful that after all of these years since high school, you reached out to me to take your engagement pictures! Between our dreamy location, and your outfits that were as classy as can be, our evening together was magical! You two showed up, ready to deliver. Your love for one another radiated out of your smiles and giggles as you walked, twirled, and dipped through the evening! I hope you two love these pictures as much as I do, because I am OBSESSED!

October 2020

Dress: Aritzia

Sports Coat: Hugo Boss

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