Bay Area Engagement Session, Walnut Creek ⎮ Natalie & Tommy

I love when my clients pick a general location (such as the East Bay) and then give me free rein on the exact location! I have shot at Shell Ridge before, but after spending some more time in this open space, I was dying to go back and couple with me who was ready to explore! In such a small area, we were able to get dreamy lighting everywhere we went, along with a variety of backdrops for their engagement photos!

A little about Natalie and Tommy, yes they met online just so many others do these days! With Tinder being the app of choice, a swipe right, and a little encouragement from Natalie's mom, Natalie and Tommy sent out on their first date! I think Natalie and Tommy's first date perfectly describes their personalities, adventurous . When I think of a first date, I easily think of a dinner date! However, Natalie and Tommy were on the complete other end of the spectrum with rock climbing, and dinner was simply an afterthought. Their second date was nothing less, as they ventured off to a drive in movie theater! What a cool idea! Looking back, they wish they had planned a little better, maybe bringing so dinner and snacks to enjoy during the movie, but now they know for next time! While the movie ended up being terrible, the experience was memorable, and they can now laugh about it together. Come their third date, Natalie and Tommy jumped back on the band wagon and they went to a nice dinner where they didn't dress up in athletic or comfy clothes. By the time their third date had passed, a very nice dinner, the rest of their relationship seems to have blended together. Pretty early on, both Natalie and Tommy seemed to be on the same page, they knew that they had found their person. Tommy didn't know until our Starbucks date, but Natalie's family also knew pretty early on, and even asked if they should start saving for a wedding! Tommy, it sounds like everyone was pulling for the two of you :)

Now came time for the proposal...Tommy had the idea that he was going to propose in November, which naturally made sense because November 3rd marked their two year anniversary. This seemed like the perfect date to celebrate the two of them on, but plans quickly changed when the two ventured over seas on a two week trip to Denmark! Tommy hadn't planned to propose in Denmark, and they were just looking forward to enjoying the trip...but when Natalie and Tommy got talking, it just felt right! About half way through their trip, one morning Tommy found a jewelry store while Natalie went off to explore on her own. After picking out the perfect ring, Tommy brought it around with them until he found the perfect spot. In Denmark, they have these huge beautiful parks everywhere, something that both Natalie and Tommy had loved about Denmark, so this became Tommy's plan. While walking around a park, Tommy was looking for the perfect spot. Just like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, it was either too crowded, there wasn't a good view, and Tommy wanted it to be just right! After wandering around this park, Tommy found what he though would be the perfect quiet location, but it started to rain. Thinking quickly, Tommy pulled Natalie into the forrest nearby, dropped down to one knee, and asked Natalie for her hand in marriage. While Natalie completely blacked out and doesn't remember much, Tommy remembers exactly what he said! It was so sweet because while Natalie and Tommy were telling me their story, Tommy started to get jittery again, as if he was re-living his proposal, jittery hands, increased heart about true love!

Natalie and Tommy, the first thing that comes to mind when I think of the two of you is all smiles! You two are filled with so much joy and it overflows into one another! I love spending time with the two of you and getting to know you on a personal level! Your love of travel, excitement for adventure, and love of being outdoors defines who the two of you are, and it so wonderful that you found someone with the same passions. Meeting the two of you at your brother's wedding, and then reconnecting in Starbucks, I am looking forward to being there to continue to capture your families memories and celebrate on your big day!

Can't wait for September 2020!

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