Fort Baker Engagement Session ⎮ Michelle & Eric

Covid-19 had reached the states, and we were being ordered to Shelter in Place. Luckily for these two, we were able to get in their session RIGHT before Shelter in Place. Michelle and Eric knew that they wanted the Golden Gate Bridge in the background, but they left the location up to me! I was super excited to meet them at Fort Baker , where Cavallo Point is nestled into the cove! In times that we are so unsure of how to navigate through, I feel so lucky to have had my last session before SIP, be with two of the most genuine and bubbly people I know!

About the Couple

Meant to be doesn't even begin to describe these two. From 2013 to 2016 was a bit of unknown, but when the time came, Michelle and Eric knew that they were meant to be together!

After church, Michelle noticed that Eric would wave to her out in the parking lot. She started waving back. Michelle thought that maybe he was showing interest in her, and started seeing Eric in a different light. Meanwhile, Eric was just waving to everyone! Michelle started finding herself thinking of Eric more, and after a couple of weeks past, she told her friend about how she had started to notice Eric!

A month down the road, they both went to their friends wedding, and Michelle caught the bouquet and Eric caught the garter...this was her chance! Michelle, having such a bold and outgoing personality, made the first move. She started talking to Eric, and in turn got his number. One thing lead to another and they had gone out together a couple of times. But the timing just wasn't right. They went their separate ways, and didn't think twice until over three years later!

Fast forward, after being apart for over three years, almost four, Michelle and Eric had the second chance that no one thought they would get. Michelle kept finding herself thinking about Eric, and she knew that they had to get back in touch! This time, she wasn't the only one making a move. Michelle heard from a friend that Eric had been looking for her at a party, and she knew what she had to do, and reached back out to Eric.

Thank You

Michelle, and Eric, you two are such a breath of fresh air! I think you two might as be just as giggly and joyful as I am...which I Love!! With all of the sad things going on right now, I am so thankful that we were able to get in your session right before shelter in place! I cannot wait to continue to share images of you, as I know they will bring joy to others, just like these do to me! Xoxo

August 2020

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