La Loretta's Floral Truck Styled Shoot ⎮ Gianna, Angelica & Tyler, Shannon & TJ, Katherine

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

Red ripe cherries hanging from the trees. Orchards and flowers surrounding a house that has supported four generations of family . With an 80 year old redwood tree towering overhead, and La Loretta's Floral Truck parked in front of the cherry orchards, we had the perfect set up for a successful evening!

Gianna, from the instant we started talking, we quickly bonded over the love of flowers! With both of us coming from families of florists, and sharing the same passion for working with kids, I knew we would get along! I love the quote that your floral business runs off of from your great grandmother Ida, "The beauty of flowers touches the heart". It is amazing to see what you can do with a passion, a little love, and family.

Angelica and Tyler, we had so many things in common and it was so easy to get along with the two of you! Your sense of adventure and love for the outdoors (and off the grid locations) had me hooked form the moment we started talking! Tyler, thank you for all of your time you have put into risking your life for others, thank you for your service, it what seemed like really cool opportunities! Angelica, the two of you together makes my heart melt. The love you share shows in the way you look at one another. You have an awesome man who has your best interest at heart in every action he takes, including keeping you hydrated! I love that we have kept our friendship going, and I look forward to our paths crossing agin in the near future.

Shannon and TJ, yes you can kiss! Your love is like none other! Most guys would be hesitant to be available to not only do a session, but have 10 female photographers goggling over you two! TJ, I know you loved going in for that kiss! TJ, I loved how every time we mentioned Shannon's name, you lit up! The way you look in her eyes, and talk about Shannon shows that you really do love her! Shannon, you had me smiling the entire evening! From your compliments mid shot, to your smize, you were glowing all evening!

Katherine, you were easy going, and ready for any direction thrown your way! You looked stunning in your wedding dress, and the flowers from La Loretta's did not disappoint! You have a radiant smile and giggle that made me fall in love with you and your personality. Thank you for being apart of our day!

Thank you so much to the Stagnaro family for letting us join your family for the evening!

Vendors: La Loretta's Floral Truck

Models: @tjshanza @angelicakirk_ @katheriniherrera

Shannon and TJ

Angelica and Tyler

Katherine Herrera

The Stagnaro Family

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