Lafayette Family Portrait Session ⎮ The Renbarger Family

Year two of pictures with the Renbarger Family was definitely one for the books! Not only did we have a magical and dreamy sunset, but they were the first family I ever photographed, and it was so fun getting to see how big of a difference one year makes!

When the Renbargers parked their car up on the street, I turned around to see Mikayla and Lillian jumping out of the car and running down to me! Mikayla is one to show her emotions as she feels them, so being filled with excitement, she darted down the hill, jumping into my arms, and not letting go until her family made their way down the hill. Lillian, a very sweet older sister, followed closely behind Mikayla, as she ran down the hill in my direction!

Last year, we made it about twenty minutes before the girls needed to go walk around and take a break from pictures. This year, they made it through the end, and we had so much fun the entire evening! From running and jumping, to surprise tickles and group hugs, these girls rocked it all night long!

Mikayla, Lillian, Naomi, & Sam, thank you so much for asking me to take your family pictures again this year! I loved every second together, and I am looking forward to more Chick-fil-A dates! It has been so much fun to watch your girls grow, and to be apart of their lives! Looking forward to the smiles and laughter to follow! :)

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