Lafayette Family Session ⎮ Brooke & Anna

Brooke and Anna received the full princess treatment before taking these pictures! We touched up their mangled, messy, end of the day hair with a brush and braids, and picked out the prettiest dresses in their closets. Once dressed, these two ran around the house looking for every mirror to admire themselves in. One mirror at a time, "I look like a princess!" "Wow! I am beautiful!" "I can't stop looking at myself, I am so pretty"...these girls said it all!

Last year, for their parents anniversary, Brooke and Anna posed for pictures. This year, we updated the pictures, and Jackie and John were super excited to receive new images! The greatest part about taking their pictures a year apart, was seeing how much the two of them have grown! Both their looks and personalities have changed so much in a year, and it was special to be able to document these changes!

Brooke and Anna love dancing more than anything, so you better believe that we basically played freeze dance the entire session! From "Shake it Off" to the "ooo nah nah song" (aka "Havannah"), if a song was playing, these two were showing off their moves! Being a normal three year old and five year old, when you aren't dancing, taking pictures for a long period of time isn't generally on the top of your to do list, so yes, there was a reward included. These two girls danced their hearts out, loved one another, and followed directions so well, that at the end of the session, they both earned a big frozen yogurt with as many toppings as they wanted! Mixed on top of chocolate and vanilla frozen yogurt were sour gummy worms, rainbow sprinkles, chocolate chips, swedish fish, crushed oreos, and caramel guessed it, a complete mush of everything sweet! These two didn't care that they mixed chocolate with sour and everything in between. With big smiles, sticky hands, and frozen yogurt running down their dresses, they wouldn't have changed one thing, and loved how they looked in their pictures!

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