Lafayette Hills Bridal Session ⎮ Heather and Drew

When Heather and Drew's wedding plans kept changing due to the pandemic, they got in touch with me and said that party or not, they still wanted to have memories of the day together, wedding dress, full hair and makeup, and the suit to match. Not only did Heather show up looking like a modern day Cinderella, but Heather and Drew had the best attitude and shared such a special moment with me!

Speaking of modern day Cinderella, can you believe how amazing Heather looked?!? In our one hour session together, there were tears, run away veils, and more Beyonce wind then we could have ever imagined, and it was still PERFECT! The tears were tears of joy as Heather and Drew still had the chance to celebrate their marriage and the love they share, especially when Heather looked at the back of my camera and realized how STUNNING she looked! Despite the pandemic, she was still a bride and proved that love is not cancelled, and neither were their memories! Thank goodness the only thing to run away that day was the veil, as it flew out of my closed camera bag and down the side of hill we were shooting on top of!! Thank goodness for the metal hair clip, which got stuck on a log half way down, where it was waiting to be rescued! While the veil only made an appearance at the end of golden hour, it was still worth every wind whipping second to capture the shot we did! Finally, the Beyonce wind, while a super challenge with how hard it was gusting, made for the most epic shots with Heather's flowing dress!

Heather and Drew, you two are such an inspiration to all of the Covid brides (including myself)! Not only were your wedding plans changed a million times, your plans to move out of the country were also squashed. However, you have proven that love will prevail, and no matter the situation, you two are leaning on one another to get through this, and your love and overcoming challenges together only makes you stronger. I am looking forward to capturing the two of you and this stunning dress again...whenever that may be ;)


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