Lafayette Reservoir Senior Session ⎮ Kendall Braun

Sun shining through the clouds. People hiking up the path. A beautiful Sunday, and a nice break from the rainy weather. Everyone was out enjoying the sunshine.

After a week of building houses in Mexico and "showering" with a bucket, Kendall cleaned up, changed, and was ready to rock her session! The sleeplessness and exhaustion disappeared as soon as she stepped in front of the camera. Smiles and laughs were radiating from Kendall as she strutted down the path.

Kendall, you were an absolute blast to spend the afternoon with! Besides your natural beauty, you have such a genuine personality that really shines! I loved getting to know you and hearing about your recent trip helping families in need! I wish you the best at UCSB next year, and I am excited to see what your future holds!

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