Lake Merritt Session ⎮ Brittany

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

Music playing. Strangers dancing. Sun setting. Joggers running by. Wind blowing. Photo bombers jumping in. The hustle and bustle around the lake kept us on our toes. Brittany flew in from Pheonix, Arizona, and wanted to take some headshots while she was visiting the Bay! She flew into Oakland and headed straight to Lake Merritt to meet me!!

I first met Brittany at a friends engagement party. There were tons of faces that I didn't recognize, and I am so happy that Brittany and I sat at the same table. Our conversations were genuine and I fell in love with her easy going, bubbly personality! She loves Arizona for all of the reasons I love California! She loves how close she is to lakes, mountains, beaches in Mexico, and of course, the heat! While Northern California might not be close to sunny Mexico, we still have plenty of beaches and warm weather!

Brittany, I had so much fun exploring Lake Merritt with you! There was never a dull moment, and you were such a good sport about the onlookers ,cold blustering wind, and dodging runners. I loved getting to know more about you and your family and finding out more similarities that we share!

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