Lover's Lane, San Francisco Engagement Session ⎮ Heather and Drew

When you think of San Francisco, I bet you think of something along the lines of city, cable cars, pier 39, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the beautiful beaches that line the coast. I be the LAST thing you think of is wildlife, especially coyotes! When I showed up to the Lover's Lane trail, just outside of the Wood Line, a massive coyote came running out of the eucalyptus trees and stopped right in front of me! About 20 feet down the trail, it looked back over it's shoulder at me, and then continued down the paved path. Ironically, right where he had stopped to look at me, he was standing next to a "Coyote Warning" sign. What a thrilling way to kick off a session in the city...the last place I would expect to see a coyote!

Both from the Bay Area, Heather and Drew met about a year and a half ago through an app, Coffee Meets Bagel...isn't that the cutest online dating app name ever?? Heather had signed up for this app after she had witnessed her good friends success story which ended in marriage! It's a good thing that Heather believed in the app because it turns out that Drew was the first guy that she met through it! After two weeks of non-stop texting, Drew asked Heather on a date. They had a simple first date at a taqueria in the Mission. After meeting for the first time, and enjoying some great food, Drew asked Heather out on a second date. He tried to get a little more creative for the second date, with plans for a night out at an improve and comedy show! The show ended up being terrible, and that led to Heather planning the third date! Heather planned an evening for the two of them where they took a stroll down Lover's Lane and other sites in the Presidio. After that, Heather and Drew's love story continued, and Drew decided to leave most of the planning to Heather ;)

The Proposal...the ball was back in Drew's court as he came up with what seemed like the perfect proposal! He was going to take Heather out to a nice dinner, and then propose at sunset! Simple, yet romantic, what could possibly go wrong? Well mother nature had another plan for the proposal, as Heather didn't feel good the night Drew planned to propose, and all of his planning went out the door! Thinking quickly, the following morning, Drew decided to take Heather out for an early morning walk through the city. They woke up early on what seemed like the perfect morning, sunny and 75 degrees in San Francisco, which we all know is unheard of! When Drew and Heather arrived at the Mosaic Steps, there, at the top of the stairs, Drew surprised Heather, getting down on one knee where he popped the question!

Heather and Drew, we had tricky lighting and were swarmed by tourists, but thanks to your patience and flexibility, we got dreamy pictures that looks like the two you are the only two around for miles! I loved learning about you two, such as that you two can easily kick my bootie on the Peloton, and that you two love cooking together! From that look in your eyes, to the smiles and giggles at one another, your love truly shows! I am so honored that you asked me to be apart of your wedding day in August, 2020! Looking forward to spending the entire day with you and capturing your story together filled with smiles and laughter!

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