Montclair Engagement Party ⎮ Tori & Braudy

Champagne bottles popping and glasses cheersing to Tori and Braudy! Congratulations on your engagement! We are so excited for the two of you!

Five Fun Facts about Tori and Braudy:

• Growing up, Tori and Braudy were both around water! Braudy worked as a lifeguard for 7 summers in Tilden Park, Oakland and Tori worked as a Harbormaster in Edgartown, Massachusetts for 7 summers.

• Tori and Braudy met dancing in a San Francisco club and Tori didn’t even see Braudy’s face for 45 minutes because they were having too much fun dancing

• Tori and Braudy spend most of their money and time on food! They have traveled to Japan, Italy, Hawaii, the Florida Keys, New York City, Boston, the Bahamas, and many more so that they could experience different types of cuisine. Their favorite is Asian cuisine!!

• Tori and Braudy hike almost every weekend and love exploring the outdoors together! Whether it be a quick two miler up and around their house in Rockridge or a long winding hike around Tilden Park for the day, they are always ready for an adventure!

• Tori and Braudy got engaged on Mount Tamalpais in Marin!! Right before Braudy got down on one knee, he was getting the ring out of his hidden fanny pack and fell!

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