Mt. Diablo Portrait Session ⎮ Erica Vernis

This wonderful lady has a special place in my heart. She plays a huge role in why I have been so successful in my photography career. A year ago, I reached out to Erica over Instagram, and she responded, to me, a total stranger! We sent a couple of messages back and forth, and I asked if she ever had a wedding I could shadow, I would love to join! Not even knowing me, Erica and Miguel told me that I could third wheel a wedding down in Monterey with them. Erica gave me my first chance of being behind the lens at a wedding, and taught me so much in one evening together!

After the wedding, we continued to chat, mostly me sending her questions, and Erica oh so kindly sharing her knowledge with me! A forever friendship quickly formed, and instead of me always just asking for help with photography, we started talking about life. What our favorite foods were, Erica loves tacos and beer, our fur babies, and even about our guys! You continued to let me tag along to weddings, and teach me your ways, and when I said I wanted to shoot a session at Mt. Diablo, you offered to model, and teach me how to feel more comfortable in front of the camera myself! As the photographer, we always tell our clients that our directions and poses might "feel awkward, but it looks great on camera". However, whenever I would step in front of a camera, I would always freeze up...because I felt awkward. You showed me how to rock it when you are on the other side, which not only helped me get better at taking pictures of myself, but it really helped put me in my clients shoes, and get used to having awkward moments feel comfortable!

Erica, thank you so much for accepting my original message, and for giving me a chance to follow you around and ask you questions at a wedding! You allowed me to photograph my first real bride and groom! We then continued to grow a friendship, and now, I couldn't imagine my life without both your's and Miguel's friendship!

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