Nevada Anniversary Session ⎮ Lara & Matt

The Sierra Mountains lining the background, with wide open planes with green grass as far as the eye could see. Nestled up to the Lake Tahoe border is Genoa, Nevada. Known for having the oldest saloon in Nevada and it's ranch land, Genoa is a stunning place to visit!

Celebrating an Anniversary, and both having played a huge role with horses and ranch life growing up, it was important to Lara and Matt that we did their session at Matt's families ranch in Genoa. How could I say no to that?? Lara grew up on a piece of property with horses in the foothills, competing in dressage and eventing. Meanwhile, Matt pursued his passion by joining the rodeo team in college. During our session, Matt was ready to take as many pictures as needed, once we put a lasso in his hands!

After fate brought Lara and Matt together at a casino in South Lake Tahoe, these two have made it through the toughest of conditions to keep their relationship going. Lara was relocated to Massachusetts for work, and the two agreed to date long distance until she was able to return. Once Lara made it back to California, the long distance was not completely over with. While Lara and Matt were now on the same side of the country, they still had a two and a half hour drive separating them during the work week. With much traveling and schedule coordination, these two made it work because they knew they loved one another. These two just took a huge step forward, where they now live together in the same city! With the long distance in the past, and an anniversary just around the corner, these two definitely have a lot to celebrate!

White Maxi Dress: Lulu's

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