Orinda Family Portrait Session ⎮ The Chen Family

To say the pictures speak for themselves completely describe the Chen Family in one session. They are the perfect mix of family first, fun, and go with the flow when plans don't go the way we hoped. We scheduled an early morning session to avoid any harsh light that might be coming in later in the day. However, when we all work up at 6:30am, there was a thick layer of fog covering our location. The great news was this gave us more time, and the Chen's were willing to push our session back to wait for a little more sun to come out...a complete 180 from our original plan.

After our first change of plans, next came the wind. I arrived early, and sent them a quick text to bundle up, because the fog was met with blustering cold winds. Let's just say I do not want to know what I looked like at the end of our session after having my face pressed to a camera, blowing winds through my hair, and air so moist that it felt like it was raining. BUT the Chen's didn't seem to mind! They showed up in their bright colored puffer jackets, Adelyn's adorned with pegasus wings and a horn, and the girls, with a little convincing, were able to strip the jackets off and hop in some pictures! The more dancing, jumping, and twirling we did, the longer Kaia, Adelyn, and Noella were engaged in taking pictures. Pat and Patty came well prepared as the girls also each had their favorite stuffed animal join the session! Curious George the stuffed monkey did a fabulous job learning how to use my camera, and he did a great job at catching the girls attention!

Pat, Patty, Noella, Adelyn, & Kaia, thank you for partaking in pictures on a windy foggy morning, that we turned around and filled with smiles and twirling! The love truly shows between your family, and that is truly something special to capture. Pat and Patty, giving only a couple of directions, I let you two take the lead as you knew what each girl needed and how to best grab their attention for brief periods of time. Even though I seemed to catch you two off guard, when I directed you into couples pictures, you two took it like champs, and the pictures of the two of you are some of my favorite images from our morning together! Looking forward to many more scooter gang meet ups and playroom playdates as the fall comes upon us. xoxo

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