Orinda Family Portrait Session ⎮ The Yammine Family

The sun was definitely shining, but the air was filled with chill as I rolled up to the Wilder clubhouse tucked in between the golden rolling Orinda hills. As soon as the girls hopped out of the car they were ready to go. Zoe, Aria, and Noelle, got right to it, running over to our spot and getting ready to post like models!

Jamie, you out do yourself every year! Last year we had an adorable holiday pajama photoshoot, and this year was matched with magenta dresses and your cheetah accent...love it! Pascal, I love watching you interact with the girls. You are so sweet with them and they definitely look up to you, and love spending time with you! You two are such wonderful parents to your three cuties, and I love spending time with the five of you!

Zoe might be small but she is so mighty! Zoe is so sweet and loving. She's always down for a good cuddle, and loves learning from her big sister. This girl can also sing like there is no tomorrow, especially when it comes to singing Miley Cyrus' song, "I came in like a wrecking ball!"

While Noelle and Aria are twins and love a lot of the same things, they also have their own personalities that stand out from one another! Noelle is very smart and loves school, as well as showing what she knows! Aria is very caring and is really good at helping others, as well as those who are younger than her. She is very patient and loves being there for the littles! Both Aria and Noelle are athletic, from scootering around their street, to soccer and gymnastics. You name it, and these girls are up for the challenge! Zoe is following suit in trying new challenges with her sisters, just like gymnastics!

Pascal, Jamie, Aria, Noelle, and Zoe, you five were so much fun to spend the morning with. We got lucky with the perfect tree to hide us from the harsh sun, and the bushes around proved to be a fun forrest to play in while you were waiting to be in pictures. Even though it was sunny, we were faced with chilly weather, and your girls took it like champs! I loved turning around from taking pictures and seeing them zipped up in my jacket! So cute and a fun way to keep them warm! Looking forward to

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