Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco Engagement Session ⎮ Abby & Jayson

On a Monday afternoon in February in the city, which is usually covered in fog and gusts of wind, we were surprised with the shining sun overhead. The swans were gliding through the pond, and the Palace was glowing. I was sitting on the bench, observing the beauty, and for once the hustle and bustle of the city didn't bother me. There was so much beauty that came from the locals walking by, the tourists taking pictures, and the birds diving into the water.

About the Couple

Abby and Jayson are two people who were meant to be together. After seven years apart, long distance dating, and trips to see one another, Jayson was able to make the move to Louisiana so that he and Abby could finally be together! Abby and Jayson now get to work together all day every day at a nail salon, where they love being able to spend their time together!

These two love the combination of travel and food! While Louisiana is known for it's amazing cajun food (which they LOVE), they have a passion for exploring new place and trying new food! From day trips to Houston Texas, to hopping on a plane and traveling further, these two always have good food on their minds!

The Proposal

Jayson and Abby had picked out the ring together, and Abby had loved wearing it around. When Jayson asked for the ring back, saying that she shouldn't travel with it, it didn't even cross Abby's mind that a proposal was just around the corner! Jayson, Abby, and Abby's younger brother and sister, were all headed to Disney World! Being huge fans of Disney, traveling to either Disneyland or Disney World at least two times every year, Jayson new that this would be the most memorable trip yet! Since they were accompanied by the littles, Jayson put Abby's ten year old sister in charge of capturing the proposal on camera! When the time came to drop down onto one knee, she was so excited for her big sister, that she missed the proposal on camera! Despite there being no photographic evidence, Abby and Jayson couldn't be happier...after all they did get engaged at the happiest place on earth!

Abby and Jayson, you are two of the most genuinely joyful people that I know. Besides the enthusiasm and positive energy that you brought from the moment you arrived at the Palace, I can tell that you have the biggest hearts. You were always worrying about my warmth as we entered the cold shadows in the palace, when you should have been warming up your own goosebumps! Our time together passed by too quickly, and even after we were done taking pictures, I had so much fun getting to know the two of you! I cannot wait to see what your wedding brings, and I am so excited for you two to tie the knot! XOXO

November 2020

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