Rodeo Beach Engagement Session ⎮ Rebeca and Gavin

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

We started with an uphill climb to find some dreamy lighting to shoot in. Surrounded by the Marin Headlands with Battery Townsley tucked away. These rolling coastal hills were the perfect setting for Rebeca and Gavin’s engagement session!

Instead of just hiking to the top of an ocean cliff, along the way we kept stopping to take pictures! Hikers were so kind to scoot out of the way while we overtook the fence lined path heading up the cliff. Gavin, like most men, was not looking forward to taking pictures. He honestly didn’t even know what to expect! I reassured him we would make the evening fun and relaxed and it would be over before he knew it. Even with Gavin’s hesitation, he caught on quickly and played along. Within minutes, Gavin had Rebeca in full laughter. He stepped in creating goofy moments to elicit natural laughter out of Rebeca…and me too, hehe.

By the time the sun was setting, we had made it down to the beach. Now, normally when you think of a beach, it’s sunny, warm, and relaxing. We had the exact opposite encounter. The wind was blowing across the sand. The crashing waves sounded like a clap of thunder with each tumble up on shore. The sun had set behind the cliff, so we were in the shade. The freezing ocean water was the cherry on top of the already cold conditions. Rebeca and Gavin, you two took it like CHAMPS! You two had no problem standing in the chilly tide and running down the beach into the wind.

Rebeca and Gavin, words cannot explain how excited I am for your wedding in October. You two are such a fun-loving couple that are always down for a good time! Our night together didn’t feel like work, but instead an evening playing on the beach with friends! The love that you two share with one another radiates out through your smiles and laughter. You two were made for each other.

October 2019

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