Sacramento Anniversary Session ⎮ Maddy & Zach

"Meant to be" could not be more true than it was for Maddy and Zach. After first meeting through 4H at only fifteen years old, a mutual crush quickly turned into dating, but was put on hold when Maddy left for college. Upon Maddy's return, Maddy and Zach rekindled an old flame, and the rest is history. Many similarities bonded them together, from the love of Jesus, to adventures filled with adrenaline, including off roading, dirt biking, and exploring new places. Off the beaten path, these two prove to love the outdoors through hunting, fishing, They also love cooking together, tattoos filled with meaning, and leather work!

Maddy and Zach are easy going and fun loving. They love playing jokes on one another and just having a good time with no matter what they are doing. This definitely showed during our anniversary session, as these two were all giggles the entire evening. They are also animal lovers, with a boxer bulldog mix and a chihuahua keeping them company, and Maddy's horse of course! Maddy is an amazing barrel racer with a lot of strength and need for speed! Meanwhile, Zach is chugging along through the Sheriff's


Maddy and Zach were each other's first loves, and they knew they wanted to be each other's last loves as well. After only three months of dating (the second time around), Zach asked Maddy's parents for her hand in marriage. The night that Zach got down on one knee and asked Maddy to be his forever, they popped a bottle of champagne and danced around to celebrate the evening. However, when the song "Say You Won't Let Go" came on, they both started bawling, knowing that this song had special meaning to them. The line "Even when we're ghosts" resonated with them and they both had it tattooed with their wedding date as a commemoration of such a joyous night!

Not only are Maddy and Zach one of the most adorable couples ever, but Maddy is a small business owner, pursuing her passion in leather making!

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