San Francisco Engagement Session ⎮ Katie & Charlie

Blustering wind and blowing trees. Tourists taking selfies and staring at these two. In this stunning historical spot, Katie and Charlie made it seem like they were the only two in sight. The love they share for one another shows through the way they look into each others eyes.

Charlie is originally from Denver, but moved to San Francisco to start a new adventure. Katie was born and raised in the Bay Area and while she went to college in Oregon, she moved back home after graduating. Charlie’s and Katie’s paths first crossed over 5 years ago, but it took them a year and a half before they even knew who the other was. They quickly fell for one another and Charlie asked Katie out after a memorable night at a Giant’s game! Fast forward to now, Charlie popped the question, and they could not be more excited to be making the next steps in their lives!

Katie and Charlie, our time together was filled with lots of laughter! Even though it was absolutely freezing, Katie you handled it like a champ, and Charlie you did everything you could to keep Katie warm and distract her from the chilly gusts. I love seeing the two of you together, and I love your story! I am looking forward to seeing your love for one another continue to unfold!

*Scroll down to see all three locations we were able to snag pictures at on our adventurous evening!

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