Sonoma Maternity Session ⎮ Marie, Daniel & Sobe

Looking out in the valley through the mangled oak trees and grassy valley where a fire had recently passed through. To imagine this land barren, and to see the regrowth from the ashes was a humbling feeling. Sonoma Valley Regional Park was overcome with flames in October of 2017. Now, almost two years later, this view is filled with dreamy but barren oak tree trunks. In other areas, the oak trees had grown back bushels of green leaves. The golden grass covering the valley floor, hiding the burnt dirt below.

Sonoma Valley Regional Park was the perfect place for Marie and Daniel to take their maternity pictures. Both Livermore locals, they love the rolling golden hills and mangled and knarled oak trees as the backdrop to the Bay Area. Marie and Daniel now live in San Jose, but were taking a vacation weekend up in the Valley. These two love spending their free time eating good food and traveling. However, this wasn't just any ordinary get away, they had a big goal to accomplish while relaxing in Napa. Marie and Daniel took the weekend to escape from the day to day hustle and bustle to pick a name for their baby girl! With baby girls due date just around the corner, it is definitely crunch time for Marie and Daniel as they prepare the last couple of things before her arrival!

While both Marie and Daniel are from the bay, they actually met down in Southern California while they were both attending school in San Diego! It was meant to be as both have passion for the medical field, and soon after, got married while they were both in grad school. Daniel's residency brought them back up to Northern California, where he fell in love with working at the VA with veterans. Here, Daniel not only gets to work with veterans, he also gets to teach incoming residence since he works at a teaching hospital! What an amazing way to give back!

Marie, Daniel, & Sobe, thank you so much for an evening that felt like a casual stroll with friends. I had so much fun meeting the three of you, and it was so much fun have Sobe come as a surprise guest! You two were so easy going, and I loved the way that Daniel made you laugh...the funny faces were on point! I am so excited to see your sweet baby girl enter this world, and she is especially lucky to have you two as her parents!

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