Walnut Creek Fall Family Session ⎮ Blair Family

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

Surrounded by weeping willow trees.  Sun setting in the distance.  Taylor and Harper twirling in circles.  Smiles grinning from ear to ear. Running to give each other a hug. Embraced in each other’s arms falling to the ground.  Giggling together.

These two girls were filled with laughter and loved taking direction. They were always asking for more “model moves” and did them with ease.  They loved looking up to mom and dad and liked copying what their parents were doing too!

The Blair families outfits were so well coordinated with one another and matched their personalities perfectly! The girls were wearing adorable patterned dresses from Matilda Jane. I can tell Katie spent a lot of time planning everyone’s outfits!

Katie, John, Taylor, and Harper, your family was such a delight to work with!  It didn’t even feel like working!  You were easy going and our session flew by so fast!  Thank you for being such a wonderful family, and for making our time together so special!

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