Walnut Creek Family Portrait Session ⎮ Speron Family

Four girls in shades of blue zipped out of the car and straight up to the top of the hill. Jumping down boulders, the oldest, Abby, was not phased from her arm being in a sling. She led her sisters around and back down to me. Standing in front of me were four big smiles, that were not ready to be still. We had to get our energy out so we played games and ran around, while getting the cutest pictures! Red light green light, Simon says, and random dance parties were the go to for the Speron family. The girls also competed for who got to go first and who followed the directions best. They brought their A game!

Sarah, Roman, Abby, Anna, Emily, and Grace, you were such a fun family to spend the afternoon with! The girls high energy kept us all laughing and smiling...especially Emily’s jokes :)

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