Walnut Creek Family Portrait Session ⎮ The Wellman Family

After taking one picture of the Wellman Family, Shane, the older son, walks over to me with his hands on his hips and goes, "okay, so after you take a picture of us, I'll take a picture of you three." Completely serious, looking me dead in the eyes, I did everything I could to try to think of a response. I told him that if he and his brother, Derek, followed my directions while taking pictures, then at the end, as a reward, I would let him use my camera and take a picture of us. He tilted his head to the side, in deep thought, thought about it for a couple of seconds, nodded his head, said "okay, that sounds good!" and ran back to his family!

The rest of the 45 minutes that we had together, Shane continued to remind me that he was going to take a picture at the end. Well the end came quickly and when it was time, Shane was beyond ready to get my harness on and camera in hands. Shane nailed it! He was just strong enough to hold up the big heavy camera, and he was able to point it at us, while focusing the shot and clicking the shutter! It was a little crooked, but we can say that that was his creative side showing through! Derek got to go next. My harness was so big on him that it reached his ankles. The camera was so heavy that We had to use a self timer because all of his energy was going into holding the camera up high enough to keep us in the shot! While Derek's picture came out blurry (I'll take the blame for that), he definitely nailed it on the composition, getting all four of us in the shot!

Lucas, Jen, Shane, and Derek - thank you for all of the giggles! I had so much fun playing games with you two boys and you rocked the surprise tickle attacks...mom and dad had no idea it was coming! We had limited time, and the sun was setting quickly, but you guys did not disappoint! All four of you brought your A game, bringing on the smiles, the giggles, and the family hugs! Lucas, I loved watching your goofiness shine through, from the hilarious comments, to the rough housing and goofy glances at the boys! Jen, you did a beyond amazing job styling everyone's outfits, and thank you for trusting me with the location, it all came together perfectly! I cannot wait to see your holiday card!

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