Walnut Creek Family Session ⎮ Brenda, Login, & Kaleia

"A name is the sweetest sound in any language" and in turn, a name is more special when there is deep meaning behind it. When I photographed Login and Brenda's maternity session last February, they had no idea what their baby girl's name was going to be. They told me that they hoped when she was born, they would just "know". April 13, 2019 came around, and even though Brenda and Login's sweet baby girl was staring up at them, the name just hadn't come to them yet.

With baby girls arrival and only a couple of days in the hospital, the clock was ticking for Brenda and Login to pick a name. Let's just say that this crunch time was the best thing that ever happened, because they not only picked a beautiful name, but a name that is filled with meaning and has deep roots within their family. Login cis part Hawaiian, and from it comes Kaleia's very special name. His sisters all have "Kaleia" as part of their middle names, and it ties back to a mountain in Hawaii, where at the base, his ancestors are buried. To tie all of this together, in Hawaiian, Kaleia means "beloved", and she is very much loved by her family.

Kaleia has been a super easy baby, and has been starting to sleep through some nights. I joked with these two about potty training and they are not looking forward to the ups and downs that come with that, but thankfully they have plenty of time before they have to cross that bridge! Brenda's work schedule has been perfect, giving her the chance to come home during the day to feed Kaleia, and they are so thankful that their family has been able to watch while at work. Login used to work for a scaffolding company, and since has changed jobs and has been traveling down to Southern California. Brenda and Login are finally giving Login a break from his long commute from the Bay to Southern California, and will be moving down to Palm Springs any day now! Brenda is really excited for their move because at first she thought that Palm Springs was a tan boring desert with not a lot to offer. However, since visiting, she realized it is quite the opposite!

Brenda, Login, and Kaleia, your family will always have a special place in my heart. When I told you that I would travel to palm springs to take updated family pictures next year, I meant it! Brenda, I don't know if you know this, but when I started my photography business, you two were the first "stranger" to hire me as their photographer. Every session before then had been friends and family, but you trusted me with your maternity session, and came back almost a year later for your family session, and I could not feel more honored to be the one to capture these memories for you.

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