Walnut Creek Family Session ⎮ The Pomerleau Family

The sun was shining bright, there were no trees to hide from, but even given the challenges of this location, I wouldn't have wanted to photograph the Pomerleau family at any other spot. Of course I can always recommend my favorite locations, but what I love even more, is when a client comes to me and says that they have a location that means a lot to them...Lime Ridge Open Space is a place that has a lot of importance and meaning to these four. The open space is at the end of the Pomerleau's street, and one of the main reasons that they fell in love with their house in the first place. They have taken Chloe and Anders on many walks through these trails, and will continue as Anders grows up!

About the Family

A very common way that people meet now a days is through an online dating app. While there are many out there, Kirsten and Marcel had their own unique twist to how the internet brought them together. While apps weren't around when they were single, thanks to Craigslist, these two found one another. Kirsten had been living in San Francisco, and Marcel had jumped from one city to another, New York to San Francisco! Marcel was new and looking to meet some friends and learn more about the city. At the time, Kirsten and her best friend would send each other Craigslist adds as jokes, such as "single guy searching for roommate and companion". One of the adds that Kirsten had stumbled across was Marcel's. Marcel had put in an add because he wanted someone to help him see the city! Sparking interest, Kirsten reached out and responded to Marcel's add, and the rest is history!

Kirsten is an accountant, and Marcel works in the engineering field. They love their life in the East Bay with their first fur baby, Chloe, and their first real baby, Anders! Marcel shares a passion for photography, as he used to be in charge of taking people's pictures as they jumped out of planes! Marcel has a unique passion for sky diving, and loved learning his way around a camera, while swooping through the air!

Marcel, Kirsten, Anders, and Chloe, thank you so much for sharing your hiking trails with me! We were able to enjoy beautiful weather (in February!), and you were all filled with easy going smiles! Chloe is such a sweet heart and such a good dog! Anders, big boy, birthday boy! I can't believe he is turning one! Anders, you were so giggly, and didn't let much bother you. I loved seeing your smiles for mom, dad, and Chloe! Happy birthday little one!

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