Walnut Creek Portrait Session ⎮ Ogechi Ikediobi

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

“Just to let you know, I am really nervous for our session today.” This was in email I received from Ogechi the morning of our session. A lot of people can relate with Ogechi because standing in front of a stranger’s camera is definitely not an easy feat! Even though I am a photographer, I know it took me many sessions with friends before I felt comfortable standing in front of a camera! I assured Ogechi that as long as she showed up to our session ready to smile, laugh, and have a good time, then I would do all the rest…and that is exactly what happend!

Ogechi is unique with her dual citizenship from Nigeria and the United States! When she was younger she spent time in both Florida and Nigeria! Come college, Ogechi traveled to Europe where she attended Cambridge and met her future husband! Together they both headed into the medical/scientific fields. Steffen is working with cancer research and Ogechi is currently in her first year of residency, heading into dermatology! With three years left in her residency program, Ogechi is looking forward to becoming a dermatologist. She loves that our skin is the largest organ in our body…say what?!? When I asked Ogechi if there was a certain age she loved working with, she said all ages! She finds it so interesting seeing how our skin grows overtime and how beautiful of an organ it is!

Ogechi’s daughters are the light of her life. Harper will be entering first grade next year, and is definitely the more mellow daughter, who loves dancing and movement just like her mom! Olivia is entering 3rd grade, at 8 and 3/4 years old, she brings out the energy in her sister and herself. Olivia is a strong athlete who loves swimming, amongst other activities. Ogechi and her husband, Steffen, are both calm, easy going people, but when Ogechi needs to be, she brings out the energy, just like Olivia!

Ogechi~ Thank you so much for showing up ready to have a good time. You were ready for whatever directions I called out, and you were a total model from start to finish! Heads up- GAP might be calling you soon to continue modeling their dresses ;) Your passion for dance, ballet, and now salsa, came out through our time together, as you were aware of how to move your body in elegant ways that photographed beautifully! Did you ever think your love for movement and dance would also help you in taking killer pictures of yourself? Finally, I love how our evening together was more important to you than just taking good pictures. It had more meaning than that. You shared with me that this session was helping symbolize your next steps in life. While you needed a good headshot for your new medical badge, you were also looking forward to these pictures symbolizing who YOU are. So a congratulations is in order, you are achieving your goal, you are mastering your dream, and you are doing it with complete grace, beauty and poise!

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