Walnut Creek Portrait Session ⎮ Sadie Grace

Sun shining through the trees. Ducklings waddling by, chasing after mama duck. Turtles swarming for food. In all of the hustle and bustle, Miss Sadie was able to block out the distractions and focus on the pictures.

While we took some family pictures, the main focus of our evening was on Miss Sadie. She just finished fourth grade, with art being her favorite subject, and is headed into fifth grade in the fall! Sadie can't wait for her summer trips to Lake Tahoe with her family, as well as adventuring at summer camp! While Sadie loves staying busy, hiking is not something you will see on her activities list. When Sadie was young, she loved trying on anyone's and everyone's high heeled shoes and strutting around the house. Least to say she always avoided hiking shoes. Other than her great taste in fashion, if Sadie could go anywhere right now, she would obviously go to Disneyland! At the end of our session, Sadie kept asking questions about my camera and all the gear that comes with it. She had so much fun, I let her try my camera on for size! We may have a future photographer on our hands...maybe it runs in the family ;)

Sadie Grace, you not only brought the model moves, but you warmed up quickly to having your picture taken and you were always ready to twirl and laugh, ha ha ha. I haven't seen you since you were itty bitty, so I had the best night catching up and learning about the ten year old you! From being an advanced yellow belt in Tai Keon Do, to your curiosity on life, to learning that you are still just as fashionable as you always were, I loved every moment with you!

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