Wedding at Ruth Bancroft Gardens ⎮ Cassandra & Robert

The sun was setting in the corner of the Ruth Bancroft Cactus Garden, and all Rob, Cas, and I could hear was the rustle of wind through the trees around us. A wedding day is filled with organized chaos, there is always something going on! Up until this point, Cas and Rob had been filled with so much family, friends, and wedding day “chaos” that they hadn’t had a moment to celebrate with one another. Most couples want to get through sunset portraits as fast as possible so that they can get back to the party. However, as we were wrapping up our portrait time, Cas turned to me and said how this had been her favorite part of her day. For the last fifteen minutes, she had had all of her focus on her new husband, and she was loving it! As a photographer, I will never complain if you ask for a couple more pictures during the dreamy golden hour! Cas picked out more spots she had been dreaming about having in her background, and I continued to snap away!

While Cas and Rob knew of one another in high school, it wasn’t enough to spark any interest in one another. Years later, both Cas and Rob happened to go to a local Indian food restaurant at the same time. While Rob was eating his food, Cas came in to pick up a to-go order. This restaurant, Naan N’ Curry, is notorious for having a line out the door with very little open seating. While Cas was waiting for her to go order, she and Rob got to talking. One thing lead to another and soon enough they were sharing Rob’s plate of food! A couple days later, Rob asked Cas on a real date and they spent the day exploring Mt. Diablo! Cas told me that it was one of those dates where she just didn’t want it to end, so they kept finding ways to make it longer so that they could keep enjoying each other's company. Right then and there, Cas and Rob knew it was meant to be!

So how did they make it from first date to proposal?? I love how Rob proposed because it plays into exactly the kind of down to earth, family oriented people that Cas and Rob are. Cas had just finished nursing Ila-Rae and was absolutely exhausted. Rob pretended to be picking something up that he had “dropped” under the bed. While he was fumbling for this mystery item, he was telling Cas about the future he envisioned for the two of them…Cas had no idea that Rob was about to pull out a ring, she could barely keep her eyes open! However, once she realized what was going on, she instantly said Yes!!

Cas, Rob, Sage , and Ila Rae, congratulations to your family for officially tying the knot and becoming husband and wife! You two have already proven that you can be amazing parents, and Ila-Rae and Sage are lucky to have parents with such big hearts! I also love how much detail you put into your day! Cas, the florals were stunning, and Rob, the margaritas were delicious! I loved your personal touches, and the best of all was the hand made soap! Your little soap making side gig came in handy in creating beautiful smelling soaps that were personalized to hand out as your thank you gift to your guests! I had so much fun smelling all the different options and reading the ingredients you used! I know your guests loved them too! I know this is not goodbye for me, but the start to a new beginning as your family continues to grow (in age), and I cannot wait to see the love you keep pouring into Sage and Ila-Rae.

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